Our Goal

Earth Cleaning Operation (ECO) is our company. We start producing and supplying completely environmentally friendly products with the aim of cleaning up pollution and garbage from the earth. We usually manufacture and market eco-friendly paper cup, paper plate, paper bowl, food box, carton box, paper straw, paper pencil and paper pen. Our products are completely perishable and healthy.
Our main goal and objective is to keep the environment pollution free and clean, as well as to create awareness among the public.Due to the worrying global warming situation and other environmental degradations we need to keep in mind that the most widely used products must be environmentally friendly.

So we attach the utmost importance to customer demand in order to spread our eco-friendly products across the country. We hope that in the near future we will be able to become one of the partners in the global cleansing activities by exporting our products to different countries of the world.