Carton Box

A carton is a box or container usually made of paperboard and sometimes of corrugated fiberboard, primarily used for packaging goods and materials and can also be recycled. Many types of cartons are used in packaging. We are manufacturer of different size of boxes as per clients need. We make industrial corrugated box for low to heavy duty. Like single board box, plane corrugated box, offset printing corrugated box, waterproof corrugated box, duplex printed corrugated box, compartment corrugated box and lamination printed box.

Ply: 3 Ply, 5 Ply, 7 Ply, 9 Ply, 11 Ply

We Ready For:-

  1. Food and Beverage Industries
  2. Medicine Industries
  3. Leather Industries
  4. Electronics Industries
  5. Ceramics Industries
  6. Garments Industries
  7. Oil Industries
  8. Cosmetics and Toiletries Industries
  9. Motor Parts Industries
  10. Glass Industries
  11. Plastic Industries
  12. E-commerce